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Craft beer  in itself and truest form is an ART cherished by millions of people every single day. The average craft beer drinker spends over $1,000 a year seeking out new tastes and experiences to expand their ever evolving palette. With this staggering fact it’s amazing to consider that most would carry their sought after product in your standard run of the mill, twist cap, brown glass growler. 

For the
true followers and hobbyists of this world, we are proud to introduce

Star City Growlers. American Made, customizable, ceramic growlers handcrafted with pride in Roanoke, VA. With the ability to produce anywhere from 1 to 10,000 Growlers, it is our passion and desire to serve the household connoisseur all the way to the corporate infrastructure trying to promote their brand. Our Growlers carry the weight and spirit of every ounce of passion that we have for the craft community and back our products with a guarantee of satisfaction. Be the envy of all fellow patrons at the Micro-brewery the next time you show up with your gorgeous Star City Growler. Drink on Fellow Man, and remember

 " it’s better to drink high class than use standard glass! "


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